How to Find Samsung Earbuds When Not Connected?

Samsung Galaxy Buds are lightweight, have impeccable design and affordable, but they get lost easily. I'll show you some practical techniques that'll help you find them quickly.

Have you lost your Samsung earbuds and wonder how to find them while not connected to your smartphone? If yes, you’ve landed on the right page.

Samsung offers high-quality yet value-for-money TWS earbuds. Although, these earbuds are small and get misplaced frequently.

Hence, in this article, I’ve listed different methods to find your lost Samsung earbuds while not connected to your smartphone.

How to Find Samsung Earbuds When Not Connected?

The easiest way to find your Samsung earbuds is by using the Galaxy Wearable or the SmartThings app. Both apps help you find your Samsung Galaxy Buds when either connected or not connected to your smartphone.

I’ve listed an in-depth guide explaining how to use both apps to find your Samsung earbuds like Galaxy Buds, Buds Live, Buds Pro, Buds 2, etc.

It’s easy to find Samsung earbuds when they’re connected to a smartphone.

However, if not connected to the smartphone, the earbuds must meet a few conditions. We’ll talk about them further.

How to Locate Samsung Buds When Not Connected to a Smartphone?

Suppose your Samsung Galaxy Buds aren’t connected to the smartphone. In that case, the SmartThings app will help you locate them.

The SmartThings app uses an IR sensor and GPS to track the Galaxy Buds’ last known location and guide you toward it.

Follow these steps to find your Samsung earbuds when not connected to the smartphone:

  1. Open the Galaxy Wearable app. (Available on iOS and Android)
  2. Scroll down and open the ‘Find My earbuds’ option. It will open the SmartThings app.

    find my earbuds option in Galaxy Wearable app

  3. The SmartThings app will show your Samsung earbuds location. Tap on ‘Navigate’ to trace your Galaxy Buds’ last known location.

    Use navigate button to locate Samsung Galaxy Buds

  4. Once you reach your Galaxy Buds location, tap the ‘Ring’ option.
  5. The Ring option allows the earbuds to emit a high-pitched tone, which makes it easier to find them.

Unfortunately, the SmartThings app works best with Samsung smartphones. It’s because Samsung has limited numerous features within the SmartThings app for its Galaxy smartphones.

Thus, if you have a smartphone from another brand, the SmartThings app won’t offer navigation features to help you track your lost Galaxy Buds using navigation.

On another note, remember I mentioned earlier that the earbuds must meet a few conditions to make the above process work. And yes, it also applies while using a Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Samsung officially states that the Find My Earbuds feature won’t work for the following reasons:

  • Galaxy Buds are out of battery
  • They’re outside the 32-feet Bluetooth Range
  • Galaxy Buds are inside the case
  • The earbuds’ IR sensor is blocked due to debris or foreign substances

In addition, you cannot use the above process to find a lost Galaxy Buds case. It’s only helpful for finding the earbuds and not the case.

Although, things get easier if your Galaxy Buds are connected to your smartphone. Let’s explore how to find Samsung earbuds when connected to a smartphone.

How to Locate Samsung earbuds when connected to a Smartphone?

Finding your lost Samsung Galaxy Buds is straightforward if connected to your smartphone.

Oftentimes, it’s possible to misplace your Samsung earbuds in your home or office. During such times, Samsung makes it incredibly easy to locate them using the Galaxy Wearable app.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the Galaxy Wearable app.
  2. Scroll down and open the ‘Find My Earbuds’ option.
  3. Hit the ‘Start’ button to search the earbuds. The earbuds will start beeping an ascending tone for 3-5 minutes.

    tap start button to find your Samsung Galaxy Buds

  4. Press the mute icon on the right-side earbuds if you’re only looking for the left
  5. Hit the ‘Stop’ button once you find your earbuds, or follow the same procedure until you find them.

    press stop button when you find your Samsung Galaxy Buds

The above process works only for Galaxy Buds and Buds+. For other Samsung earbuds like the Buds2, Buds2 Pro, and more, the Find My Earbuds will open the SmartThings app. From there, you can locate your Samsung earbuds.

How to Find a Lost Samsung Buds Case?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to find the Samsung Galaxy Buds case.

If you’ve lost only the case without the earbuds inside, there’s no way to locate or find the lost case.

Having said that, you can purchase a replacement case, which I’ve talked about in detail in the next section.

Can I Get a Replacement Case (Or Earbud) for Samsung Galaxy Buds?

Yes, you can purchase a replacement case for your Samsung earbuds. The replacement case or cradle costs between $80-120, depending on the earbuds’ model.

Here’s how much the replacement case costs based on different Galaxy Buds models. It also includes pricing for 1x earbuds or a combo of 1x earbuds and a replacement case.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Replacement Case Pricing
Cost of Replacement Case and single earbud for Samsung Galaxy Buds

As you can see in the above image, the replacement case’s price is as high as the new earbuds.

To tackle this, you can buy an aftermarket replacement case from Amazon. Such cases cost around $20 and are good enough to charge your Galaxy Buds. However, don’t expect the same quality as the real deal.

How to Avoid Losing Samsung Earbuds or Case

Losing earbuds is extremely common among youngsters. To tackle this, the SmartThings app has a nifty little trick.

The app has a ‘Notify when left behind’ feature, which notifies you immediately when you leave a place without your Samsung Earbuds.

It isn’t enabled by default, but here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the Galaxy Wearable app
  2. Navigate and tap the ‘Find My Earbuds’ feature. It will open the SmartThings app.
  3. Scroll the section till you find the ‘Notify when left behind’ option. Enable the toggle button to initiate the feature.

    notify when left behind feature in Samsung Galaxy Buds

  4. Tap the ‘Notify when left behind’ option to set up a safe place like your home or office. This way, you won’t receive notifications if you intentionally leave your Galaxy Buds at your home, office, or other places.

Note: Apart from Samsung Galaxy Buds and Buds+, the Find My Earbuds option will directly take you to the SmartThings app. Otherwise, you can open the SmartThings app, directly navigate to Devices > Galaxy Buds > Find Device, and follow the 3rd and 4th steps.

In addition, you can also use the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2, which is a Bluetooth tracker and GPS locator. It works similarly to Apple’s AirTag or Tile Tracker.

You can purchase one, pair it with the SmartThings app, and attach it to your Galaxy Buds case.

Unlike the Samsung earbuds, the SmartTag2 has a range of up to 120m. It can also use your smartphone’s GPS data to track its last known location when it’s outside the 120m range.


I hope this article helped you learn how to find Samsung earbuds when not connected to your smartphone.

The process is extremely straightforward if you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone and Galaxy Buds.

However, things get complicated if you’re an Android smartphone from another brand. It’s because Samsung has purposefully limited several useful features for its Galaxy smartphones. It’s done in the name of offering a smooth ecosystem.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments sections below.

Let me know if the above guide helped you find your Samsung earbuds.

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