How to Clean Samsung Galaxy Buds Live (in 2 Minutes)

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are slightly different because they don't have silicone ear tips, found in traditional earbuds. Here, I've listed an easy process to clean the earbuds within 2 minutes

Are you wondering how to clean Samsung Galaxy Buds Live? If yes, you’ve landed on the right page.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are open-style earbuds that sit on the opening of your ear canal.

Unlike regular earbuds, the Galaxy Buds Live do not have silicone eartips, making them easier to clean.

However, due to the earbuds’ design, cleaning them slightly differs from cleaning regular earbuds.

Hence, in this article, I’ve listed the easiest way to clean Samsung Galaxy Buds Live within 2 minutes.

How to Clean Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Quick Answer

The easiest way to clean Samsung Galaxy Buds Live is using Q-tips and isopropyl alcohol. It helps remove dust and grime from the earbuds opening. You can also use the earbud cleaning stick to remove earwax and clean the charging case.

Now that you have the quick answer, let’s jump into detail about cleaning your Samsung Galaxy Buds Live thoroughly.

Since the earbuds don’t have silicone eartips, cleaning the Galaxy Buds Live is easier than other earbuds.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to clean Samsung Galaxy Buds in under 2 minutes.

Cleaning Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Thoroughly

1. Initial cleaning and removing dry dirt

Getting your earbuds out from the charging case makes them prone to accumulation of dirt and grime on your earbuds.

Not cleaning them regularly causes the dirt to cause a thick layer on your earbuds.

Thus, before using isopropyl alcohol, it’s crucial to remove the dry dust and then move on to cleaning hard stains and earwax.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to initially clean your Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

  1. Remove the wingtips on each Buds Live by sliding them off gently. It will ensure better cleaning.
  2. Use a microfiber cloth and clean the surface of the earbuds. Use the same microfiber cloth to clean the charging case, too.
  3. Use the earbud cleaning stick’s metal tip to remove stuck dirt and earwax from the earbuds’ opening.
  4. Use the high-density brush on the stick to clean the Buds Live mesh area
  5. Lastly, clean the charging case using the cleaning stick’s flocking sponge, ensuring the earbuds and the charging case are clean and ready for the next step.
samsung galaxy buds live cleaning process

If you followed the above method, you’ve done the initial cleaning, which removes dry dirt from your Galaxy Buds Live earbuds and the charging case.

Next, we thoroughly clean the earbuds, which require isopropyl alcohol and Q-tips.

2. Cleaning with Isopropyl alcohol

Before you clean your Buds Live with Isopropyl alcohol, you might question yourself: Why is Isopropyl alcohol used to clean earbuds? Here’s the answer.

Isopropyl alcohol is a synthetic organic compound. It is a colorless and flammable liquid widely used as a solvent, cleaning agent, disinfectant, and rubbing alcohol antiseptic.

Here are a few reasons why Isopropyl alcohol is used to clean earbuds:

  1. It is a disinfectant and antimicrobial agent. Thus, it can clean bacteria, fungi, and viruses that accumulate on earbuds due to sweat, dirt, and earwax.
  2. It can clean and remove earwax and skin oils, which affect sound quality and hygiene.
  3. Unlike other “strong” cleaning agents, isopropyl alcohol is noncorrosive to plastics, rubbers, and metals used in most earbuds’ construction.
  4. It evaporates quickly and leaves no moisture behind, which is the leading cause of electronic damage.

Now that you know what isopropyl alcohol is and why it’s used to clean earbuds, let’s jump onto using it to clean Samsung Galaxy Buds Live.

You’ll need to keep isopropyl alcohol and a few Q-tips handy.

  1. Pour the isopropyl alcohol into a small container
  2. Dip one end of the Q-tip into the isopropyl container
  3. Rub the tip over the Galaxy Buds Live earbuds mesh opening several times. Also, clean the golden metal contacts
  4. Ensure you do the same with the other earbuds, too.
  5. Use the isopropyl alcohol dipped tip and clean the charging case and the USB-C port.

Ensure the earbuds and charging case are completely dry before using them. You can also clean the earbuds once again with a microfiber cloth. It’ll soak up any excess isopropyl alcohol still on the earbuds.

Note: Isopropyl alcohol is flammable; hence, clean the earbuds in a dry, cool, and safe environment with no chance of fire nearby.

To improve the longevity of your Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, ensure you clean them regularly every month.


I hope this article helped you learn how to clean Samsung Galaxy Buds Live thoroughly.

Indeed, there are different methods to clean your earbuds. Still, over the years, I’ve realized that the above process is genuinely effective.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section below. I’ll make sure to answer them as soon as possible.

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