Can You Charge Samsung Earbuds Without Case? (SOLVED)

It's extremely common to lose your Samsung earbuds charging case. In this article, we explain in detail how you charge your Samsung Galaxy Buds without a charging case, which also includes a DIY method.

Are you wondering can you charge Samsung earbuds without case? If yes, you’ve landed on the right page.

True wireless earbuds, or TWS, as they’re popularly referred to, have made it extremely convenient to listen to music on the go.

However, they also bring in a new problem: losing the charging case.

In this article, we’ll explore whether charging your Samsung Galaxy Buds without a charging case is possible.

Can You Charge Samsung Earbuds Without Case?


Yes, you can charge Samsung earbuds without a case. For that, you’ll need an old USB cable and a power bank. Cut the USB cable and connect the two wires to the earbuds connector pins. Next, connect the USB cable to a power bank; this way, you can charge your Samsung earbuds.

Continue reading the article to learn the whole process in detail.

Sure, this method is DIY and slightly risky because you’re dealing with electrical components, which can cause electrocution if not done right.

Thus, you must only perform it at your own risk. Otherwise, you can follow the next two methods, which do not require basic electrical engineering skills.

Method 1: Old USB Cable and Power Bank

This DIY method is slightly risky because of the hacking of electronic components.

You’ll need to keep a few things handy, like Samsung earbuds, an old USB cable, a tiny magnet, glue, a multimeter, and a charged power bank.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Step 1: Cut the USB cable so that only the USB port part is remaining

Step 2: Cut the USB port, locate the red and black wire, and remove everything else from the USB port. The red cable is the positive terminal, and the black is the negative.

Step 3: Strip the red and black cables to expose the metal terminals. Solder the terminals to reduce mess.

usb cable wire strip

Step 4: Stick a tiny magnet on the USB port, a resting place for the Samsung earbuds.

Step 5: Use a multimeter to check your Samsung earbuds’ positive and negative terminal. Connect the red cable to the positive terminal and the black cable to the negative.

Step 6: Connect the USB port to a charged power bank. If all goes well, you can now charge your Samsung earbuds without a charging case.

Please check the above video as a visual guide to charging your Samsung earbuds without a case.

As I mentioned above, the above method is not for everyone. It requires basic electrical engineering knowledge and DIY skills to perform it.

Don’t worry, as the following two methods will be your savior. Still, it includes purchasing a charging case for your Samsung earbuds.

Method 2: Official Samsung Earbuds Replacement Case

Losing the charging case is extremely common, but it also makes the earbuds unusable because you can’t charge them without the case.

Therefore, many brands, including Samsung, offer the option to buy a replacement case.

With the replacement case, you don’t need to throw your current earbuds.

Having said that, the official replacement case from Samsung is costly. It starts from $80 and goes up to $140 for the Samsung Buds Pro model.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Replacement Case Pricing
Samsung Galaxy Buds Replacement Case Pricing

Sometimes, you can find the same model for a cheaper price than buying only a replacement case.

But, it makes your current earbuds unusable, which is not suitable for the environment. It’s because a perfect and working pair of earbuds goes into the trash.

If you want to spend less than $100 for a charging case, there’s a cheap workaround, too. You’ll learn it using the next method.

Method 3: Third-party Replacement Case

The official replacement case from Samsung cost a fortune. Still, a simple workaround to that is buying a third-party replacement case.

You can buy a third-party replacement case for a fraction of the cost of the official one.

However, they’re only suitable for charging. Hence, don’t expect them to offer the same features, build quality, and durability as the official ones. Plus, they also don’t come with a warranty.

third party replacement case for Samsung Earbuds

You can find a third-party replacement case from Amazon that costs around $20.

Search for ‘Samsung Galaxy [model name] replacement case’ (replace the text in square brackets with the Samsung earbuds model) on Amazon. You’ll find several replacement cases from generic brands.

Although, be sure to check their reviews before making a purchasing

The third-party replacement case resembles the original case, and your earbuds perfectly fit.

As I mentioned earlier, such cases offer inferior build quality, durability, charging time, and battery life than the original ones. But, it’s an excellent midway than spending $100 on an official replacement case and throwing away your perfectly good earbuds.


I hope this article helped answer your question about charging Samsung earbuds without a case.

With the DIY method, you can surely do it, but it’s not the ideal solution and poses a risk of electrocution.

Thus, if you’re okay with spending extra, you can purchase the official replacement case or save some money and get a third-party replacement case from an off-brand on Amazon.

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